• Client: Private residence
  • Location: Kortijk (BE)
  • Completed: 2010
  • Photography: TVDV Photography
  • Architecture & Interior design: Vandenborre Architecten

The concrete pavilion is situated next to the house of the owners. The building has been designed as a poolhouse but can be transformed into a family house. The owners wanted a place with concrete walls, floors and lots of glass and the feeling of a holiday setting.

A long concrete wall organises the program of the poolhouse.  Along that wall there is a rectangular landscape with a garage, wellness rooms, a living space with the kitchen, the pool and terrace. Because of the difference of the terrain the terrace with the pool is on a lower level than the surrounding spaces.

Giving the beautiful Porsches in the garage the space they deserve, the car-room has been worked out like a luxurious living space and has a polyvalent use (party, garage, hobby room,…). The garage has a large window so you can have a glimp on the cars from the pool trough the living space.  ‘Maybe the car lights should be used to light up the garden’

The original garagedoors are designed like a patchwork of wood lines that refers to the abstract plan of a city (and is an enlarged fragment of a used surface to saw natural stone)

When all the windows are slided away the living space feels like a covered terrace with a big fire place. The living space is a completely open floorplan and has a visual connection with the garage through a courtyard, and a panoramic view to the concrete terrace with the endless pool.

The balance between the materialisation and the proportian of the volumes results in a strong architectural setting.

The combination of the soft texured  concrete walls, high polished aluminium frames and the large glass facades gives the place a very strong and unique and character.

When the sun is warming up the walls, the water of the endless pool is flowing slowly and all the windows are slided away, you have the overall feeling like having a relaxing stay in a warm country far away from home.