• Location: Kortrijk (BE)
  • Surface: 2300 sq.m
  • Completed: 2018

The building is situated near the city centre of Kortrijk and has a long and fascinating history. During the Middle Age the location was a busy toll gate. However, in more recent years the function of the buildings was no longer required, they were abandoned and the area deteriorated. Until one day, an investor contacted us to redesign the corner (with a cluster of 8 old buildings) into a high standard residence with character.

The location is typified by a huge, busy intersection of large roads. The rough character of this setting was the starting point of our design. We had to build 16 apartments and a parking area on the site. Because of the rough atmosphere which reminds us of the bolster of a chestnut, we implemented sharp curves for the facade. In contrast, the interior of the sun-drenched houses includes small curved corners, creating a softer feeling.

The ground level is large parking area, the first and second level have 12 units, while 4 luxury penthouses are situated on the third floor.
The surface is made of concrete curved floor slabs along with a sublimely detailed balustrade which follows the curves. The inclined wood façade between the concrete slabs mirrors the rhythm of the houses on the other side of the street.

The shape of the façade results in the long building showing several characters from different angles on the street. The building sits in a comfortable way in its corner and looks like it could have been there for a long time already.

The marriage between the sand colored floor slabs, black balustrade and refined wood surface results in a beautiful landmark that has become a part of the collective memory of the neighbourhood and city.