• Client: Linda Lacombe artists's studio
  • Completed: 2010
  • Location: Kortrijk
  • Photography: TVDV Photography

We demolished an old house to create a new artist studio. Important parameters for this artist studio were Northern-light, the inspiring landscape, an open work space and most of all the very fragile paintings of the artist, Linda Lacombe.

The new volume was based on the existing state of the roof. The roof is based on the shed roof of a typical artist studio, which brings in the light from the North. Because we craved light in the whole building: the interior is open all the way to the roof and the roof on the front facade is made of glass. At night this window functions as a lantern.

The walls outside are made of dark bricks, inside they are rough concrete blocks. We used the latter because the artist utilises delicate but rough textures with lots of paint for her paintings. So the walls don’t need to remain clean during the painting process.

Because the studio is located close to the street, only a front door has been added to this facade, there are no windows (except the roof window). Once you open this door you immediately enter the wide open space in front of you, which lets you soak up the atmosphere of the artist and her work.

Two windows on the large facade are located in such a way to give you the most interesting views. It could be said that these windows are just like paintings of the landscape.

A living space (lounge) is located on the second floor with views on the work space and the environment.

As an architect I am interested in the basic forms of buildings. The result of this building is a ‘gestalt’; a simple but strong volume that does what it should do.” — Steven Vandenborre