• Client: Private residence
  • Location: Kortrijk (BE)
  • Completed: 2014
  • Photography: TVDV Photography

The house, dating from the seventies, is situated in a suburban area which is dominated by the typical villa. The interior of the house was made of concrete floors with wooden formwork, white painted brick walls and clear open spaces.

The extension of the house had to be a logical combination of the history and atmosphere of the existing house.
To improve the privacy away from the neighbours, we created a new courtyard with floating concrete walls.
On the streetside, because of the slope of the terrain, a carport is located under the floating concrete wall and floor. The floor above the carport is transformed as a reflecting pond.

In order to incorporate two bedrooms, the entrance from the carport and a lounge, we duplicated one of the new walls, thus creating the required space.

The new courtyard is completely made of concrete and is a warm tribute to the late Belgian architect Julien Lampens.

The transition between inside and outside is a typical feature in the abstract architecture of Vandenborre Architects. All the facades of the spaces on the courtyard are glazed doors.

The overall impression is that the combination of garden walls and concrete floating walls could be a house located on a hill in Switzerland. Because of the features, its own climate (no wind) and swimming pool, the courtyard creates a feeling of being on holiday in your own home.