• Client: Private residence
  • Location: Ypres (BE)
  • Completed: 2012
  • Photography: Efie Degrande
  • Architecture & Interior design: Vandenborre Architecten

When renovating this old farm, the owners had only two important requests: the historic outer shell had to be preserved and the interior should be black. It was not just a mere matter of personal taste, but a way to accentuate the landscape. We were instantly on the same wavelength.

Large gates are filled up with massive glass surfaces or sliding windows. The interaction between old and new is very intense. For example, in the central hall we put glass almost directly against an old brick wall, just like in a museum. It resembles looking at a historic old wall or an artwork. The choice of what you see is yours, as placing things behind glass makes people reflect things in a different way.

To turn everything black inside we decided to paint the old brick walls and roof structure black. All the furniture and floors are finished in black tadelakt. Even the toilet bowls (and toilet paper) are black and coal blocks are used to cover small areas.

In the living area a large kitchen “bar” structures the experience of the open space. Another detailed bar on the other side of the house is used as a private cafĂ© where a large bison head watches over the party.
To accentuate and glorify the character of the facade all the window frames are hidden which was done by creating a combination of brick and glass. History and reflection.